Oklahoma Life Insurance

When you choose Lynnae Insurance Group for your life insurance, you get the personalized service of an agent right here in Oklahoma City, with all the conveniences of an online company! With benefits such as ANPAC’s online account access, CA$HBACK from ANPAC, Common Cause of Loss Deductible, it’s not hard to see why thousands of Oklahoman families trust Lynnae Insurance Group and ANPAC with their Oklahoma City life insurance.

Life Insurance Options

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance offers a great amount of coverage inexpensively during a set period of time in life – 10, 20, or 30 years. This type of policy is great when the need for life insurance only falls within this fixed period. If your need for life insurance extends beyond the set term, you risk the fact that your next policy could be expensive, difficult or impossible to obtain due to your health conditions at that time.

Universal Life Insurance

If flexibility and savings are features you appreciate in life insurance, then a Universal Life Insurance policy may be the best fit for you. With flexible payment schedules, and the buildup of cash value, Universal Life is quickly becoming a popular option for many families in Oklahoma.

Whole Life Insurance

If you are like many clients, the idea of buying a life insurance policy that will last forever is appealing. Not only will Whole Life Insurance last until the day you pass, it will also build up Cash Value which can be used for college planning, retirement, or even your annual trip to the Bahamas!

Key Man Life Insurance

Are there a few people in your organization that play a major role in the success of your business?  If so, you may consider Key Man Life Insurance to protect your business growth, if that person were to pass away. Finding their replacement may take months or years, and Key Man Insurance will help support the process of replacing these essential personnel. Typically this would include Founders, Partners, Executive Staff, and Essential VP’s.

Buy/Sell Agreements

If you are in a business Partnership, and your partner passes away, their share/equity in the business passes to their heirs. Unless these heirs are brilliant business people, you will typically want to buy them out, but may lack the money to do so. Buy/Sell Agreements can be set up to pay for the buyout of heirs.

Mike Kahn
Jill Kahn

Personalized Approach

Oklahoma life insurance is different than any other state. This requires the experience of a local Oklahoma agent like Mike and Jill Kahn to guide you through the complexities of life insurance in Oklahoma.

Questions about Oklahoma City life insurance? Great! We have answers.

How much liability coverage do I need?

Unfortunately there is not a simple answer to this question, but understanding this coverage may shed some light on how much you may feel comfortable with. In laymen’s terms, auto liability coverage pays for medical bills, disability income, and pain and suffering to individuals in an accident that you are liable for. Your insurance company will pay the claimants in the accident up to your limit of coverage. If this limit of coverage is not enough, the claimants have the right to sue you personally. This is why at Lynnae Insurance Agency, we recommend no less that $100,000/$300,000/$100,000 in auto liability coverage. In households that are have assets that need further protection from a lawsuit, we recommend $250,000/$500,000/$250,000, or in some cases we will recommend adding an Umbrella coverage to increase your protect by $1,000,000.

What type of life policy should I get?

At Lynnae Insurance Group, we realize that each person has different life insurance goals. Some of our clients like to use Term Life Insurance for its ability to offer a great amount of coverage inexpensively during a set period of time in life. Others like Whole Life Insurance for its ability to offer fixed price life insurance coverage for the rest of your life, while building a nest egg for retirement.  And some like the flexibility of Universal Life Insurance which gives you the ability to have great life insurance coverage, while building cash value, with the flexibility to change the policy as your needs change.

What is the process to set up a life policy?

Setting up a new policy starts with filling in and signing a simple application. From there, a quick physical will be conducted (at the time and location most convenient to you), and your medical records will be reviewed. Once this is complete, your application will finish the underwriting process and a policy is issued.

What is Cash Value?

Cash value is money that grows from the investment portion of certain life insurance policies. Typically, you have the option to withdrawal cash value, barrow against cash value, or allow the cash value to pay for the continuation of the life insurance policy.

What is the difference between Term and Whole Life?

The main difference between Term and Whole Life Insurance is the length of time the policy is in force. A Whole Life insurance policy does just what it says – it will last your whole life, where a Term Life Insurance policy lasts a given term – as in 10, 20, or 30 years. Whole life insurance also has an investment component to it as well which could allow you to recoup some of the higher premiums associated with Whole Life Insurance.