Oklahoma Business Insurance

When you choose Lynnae Insurance Group for your Oklahoma business insurance, you get the personalized service of an agent right here in Oklahoma City, with all the conveniences of an online company! With benefits such as ANPAC’s online account access, CA$HBACK from ANPAC, Common Cause of Loss Deductible, it’s not hard to see why thousands of Oklahoman families trust with Lynnae Insurance Group and ANPAC with their Oklahoma business insurance.

Types of Commercial Insurance

General Liability

Protects your business from a person or another business’s claims of bodily injury, medical costs and property damage. This could be anything from a customer falling on your property, to the infamous “Hot Coffee Spill” at the golden arches.

Commercial Property

Protects your business from loss or damage to property you own. This could be fire damage to your manufacturing plant, or simply theft of the tools in the back of your truck.

Commercial Auto

Protects your business from liability and property damage caused by your business vehicles.

Error and Omissions

Protects your business from lawsuits arising from the neglect to preform your business services – even if you feel it is not your fault. This could be anything from giving perceived incorrect advice, to an employee forgetting to complete paperwork causing loss to a client.

Workers Compensation

Protects your business from expenses arising from employee injuries. This could be anything from a roofer falling off a ladder, to a secretary getting Carpal Tunnel.

Personalized Approach

Oklahoma Business insurance is different than any other state. With claims ranging from hail storms to wild fires – we see all! This requires the experience of a local Oklahoma agent like Mike and Jill Kahn to guide you through the complexities of business insurance in Oklahoma.


Lynnae Insurance Group Standards

5-Star Claims Service

ANPAC® Five Star Claim Service℠ is designed to provide assurance and confidence throughout the claims process. Our focus is on what you need and when you need it. ANPAC®'s commitment to excellence is not only revealed by our customer satisfaction ratings, but by independent rating organizations such as A.M. Best and Standard and Poor's. Learn More »

Low Deductible Options

Unlike the other guys, who want to your deductible to be a percentage of your coverage, we offer fixed deductibles to fit your needs, just like it's been done for 50 years. Learn more »

Professional Insurance Review

Not sure exactly what kind of insurance you need? No problem. We offer a professional insurance review to help determine precisely what kind of coverage you need and the discounts you deserve. Learn more »

Online Account Access

Log on 24/7 to make changes, print ID cards, or review your account. Log in now »

Easy Policy Transfer

Lynnae makes initiating your new policy easier than ever. We'll contact your mortgage company to change your escrow account and even cancel your previous insurance policy to ensure no lapse or overlap in coverage. Buying a new home? We can handle that too! Learn More »

ANPAC® iPhone App

Insured2Go℠ contains you an amazing array of features designed to ease the process of filing a claim…something you can now do directly from your iPhone. Insured2Go℠ allows you to:
  • Report or check the status of a claim
  • Review policy information
  • Receive roadside assistance
  • Contact information for your local agent
  • And more!
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Questions about Oklahoma business insurance? Great! We have answers.

I have started a small business, what insurance do I need?

Depending on the type of small business, you will typically look to purchase a combination of: General Liability (for slips and falls), Product Liability (for injuries from a faulty product), Property Coverage (for your business property), and Workers Compensation (for employees injured o the job).

Does my homeowners policy cover my home business?

Many people believe that a homeowners insurance policy covers the personal property used in a small business. This is true, but only up to the specified limit. Most homeowners insurance policies offer coverage for business items up to $2500. This typically covers the basics – computer, fax, phone, ext. So what if you need more Business Property Insurance to cover your camera, tools, or other high end business items? You will want to set up a commercial policy to cover these items.

What is a premium audit?

Commercial insurance premiums are heavily influenced by how much money a company is dealing in. For instance, a company with a gross revenue of $10,000,000 has a much greater chance of being sued than a company with a $15,000 gross revenue. But how does the insurance company know what premium to charge? That is where the audit come in. Your initial policy premium is based off of an estimate of gross revenue. Towards the end of the first year your insurance company will preform an audit to know exactly where you were financially. If the initial gross revenue estimate was too high, then the insurance company will send you a credit for the previous years insurance. If you did not estimate enough revenue, then the insurance company will send you an additional bill for the previous years insurance.

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