Professional Insurance Review

Masterfully Tailored Policies

Your home and auto insurance policy can be a lot like a nice business suit, or your favorite dress. Off the rack, the suit may sit a little long in the arm, tight around the waist, or board in the shoulders. But with a couple of pins and chalk, an experienced tailor can transform that baggy suit into head turning statement piece. But then over time you notice that the suit doesn’t quite fit as it did that first day. So head back for more pins and chalk, and once again walk out with your head high.

Insurance can have the same story.

Off the rack, an insurance policy has a little too much here, and not enough there. At Lynnae Insurance Group, we have a combined 30 years of masterfully tailoring policies. We know how to make the policy fit you perfectly. But of course, over time you may notice your policy needs a little adjusting. That’s when we meet back up, and instead of pins and chalk, we use pad and paper to cut a little back premium here, and add discount over there.

Not only will we review coverages and discounts, but we will also discuss any life, asset, and family changes to insure proper coverage on all of your insurance policies.

Thanks to technology, we now have many different ways to review your policies. Please select the option that best fits your schedule.