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Breaking the Norm

We didn't start Lynnae Insurance Group to follow the norms. We wanted to break all stereotypes of the insurance industry.

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Why settle for ordinary?

We have all seen it, right? The standard Oklahoma City insurance agency.  It  looks a little something like this – a few guys in bad suits, an office full of metal desks, and the smell of old coffee. And we hear it - everyone claiming the lowest homeowners insurance rate,  the best auto insurance service, and being different than the other insurance agencies in Oklahoma. But what if there was an agency in Oklahoma that truly was well... different?

That's what we set out for back in 2002. We did not start Lynnae Insurance Agency to follow the norms. No, we wanted to break all  stereotypes of the insurance industry. No more bad suits, the old office decor has been replaced with beautiful clean modern furnishing, even  the old coffee has been replaced with Fiji water, ice cold coke bottles, and one of those cool Illy espresso machines (stop by for a coffee  sometime!). From outwardly appearances, it's easy to see a difference.

So what about rates and service?

Yea, we are good at that too. But don't take our word for it, ask the thousands of Oklahoma families that have trusted Lynnae Insurance Agency with their Oklahoma City insurance over the last 10 years. We are blessed to represent a wonderful family of companies – American National Property and Casualty (ANPAC),  who believe in providing excellent service that speaks for itself.

As we continue into our second decade of providing Oklahoma City insurance, we promise that we will continue to break stereotypes, provide impeccable service, and yes...provide great coffee too!

Now a little bit about the company we represent.

American National Property And Casualty Company (ANPAC®) is a  property and casualty insurance company with its home office located in  Springfield, Missouri, and is a subsidiary of American National  Insurance Company (ANICO) of Galveston, Texas. ANICO is a life and  health insurance company that has been in business since 1905.

ANPAC was incorporated in 1973, beginning operations with eight  employees in Springfield, and wrote its first policy in February 1974.  ANPAC provides for a variety of property and casualty coverage needs,  including automobile, homeowners, umbrella, boat, recreational vehicles, motorcycle, other personal lines insurance and agri-business insurance.

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Backed by Anpac®

Great rates, unique policy benefits, and outstanding claims service.

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Backed by ANPAC

At Lynnae Insurance Group, we understand that we are only as good as the insurance company we represent. That is why we feel so fortunate to work with American National Property And Casualty Company (ANPAC®). Not only are they incredibly sound financially and have an unbelievable claim reputation, but they also have unique money saving programs like the Cashback Program, and Common Cause of Loss program.  ANPAC is a property and casualty insurance company with its home office located in Springfield, Missouri, and is a subsidiary of American National Insurance Company (ANICO) of Galveston, Texas. ANICO is a life and health insurance company that has been in business since 1905.

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What We Do

Offering benefit packed insurance programs for clients in Oklahoma.

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Policy Benefits

Expect the highest caliber service and benefits.
Available now along with your new home and auto insurance.

Ca$hback from

Receive a 25% refund off your premiums if you are claim-free for 3 years.

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Ca$hback from ANPAC®

If you are like most people, your Oklahoma home and auto insurance is an expense you pay month in and month out, and only see a benefit when you file an insurance claim. But, what if you could receive a benefit for not filing a claim? Well now you can!

Our CA$HBACK FROM ANPAC® program rewards you by refunding a portion of your combined Oklahoma home and auto insurance premiums. Simply remain CLAIM-FREE for three consecutive years from your CA$HBACK anniversary date, on both your Oklahoma home and insurance policies, and you’ll receive a check for 25% of your combined FIRST-YEAR PREMIUMS! This program continues every year you remain claim-free on your Oklahoma home and auto insurance!

Common Cause of
Loss Deductible

Two claims from one hail storm? Now you pay only one deductible!

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Common Cause of Loss Deductible

With an insurance company like ANPAC®, you can depend on our unique Common Cause of Loss Deductible. With this money-saving feature, you pay only one insurance deductible per occurrence, regardless of the number of items of property damaged or destroyed. It saves our customers hundreds of dollars in deductibles from a common occurrence, such as a fire, hailstorm, tornado or hurricane, which can damage both your home and automobile.

Anpac® Five Star
Claims Services℠

Over 99% of all Anpac® customers who submitted a claim said they would recommend Anpac® to a friend.*

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ANPAC® Five Star Claims Servicesā„ 

No one wants to think about being in an automobile accident, or having fire or storm damage destroy your home. But statistics show that for most of us in Oklahoma, it's not a matter of if, but when. ANPAC Five Star Claim Serviceā„  is designed to provide assurance and confidence throughout the claims process. Our focus is on what you need and when you need it. ANPAC's commitment to excellence is not only revealed by our customer satisfaction ratings, but by independent rating organizations such as A.M. Best and Standard and Poor's.

* ANPAC closed claim survey December, 2010

Annual Discount

Get on demand promotions by scanning the QR Code provided on every CIRCLE VIP member card.

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Annual Discount Review

Your home and auto insurance policy can be a lot like a nice business suit, or your favorite dress. Off the rack, the suit may sit a little long in the arm, tight around the waist, or board in the shoulders. But with a couple of pins and chaulk, an experienced tailor can transform that baggy suit into head turning statement piece. But then over time you notice that the suit doesn't quite fit as it did that first day. So you head back for more pins and chaulk, and once again walk out with your head high.

Your Oklahoma home and auto insurance can have the same story. Off the rack, an insurance policy has a little too much coverage here, and not enough there. At Lynnae Insurance Group, we have a combined 30 years of masterfully tailoring policies. We know how to make the policy fit you perfectly. But of course, over time you may notice your policy needs a little adjusting. That's when we meet back up, and instead of pins and chaulk, we use pad and paper to cut a little back premium here, and add discount over there.

Not only will we review home and auto coverage's and discounts, but we will also discuss any life, asset, and family changes to insure proper coverage on all of your insurance policies.

Thanks to modern technology, we now have many different ways to review your policies - In office, over the Phone, Skype, and now online!

Easy Policy Transition

Changing to Anpac® is incredibly easy.

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Easy Policy Transition

Many people believe changing your Oklahoma home and auto insurance is a long, drawn out ordeal. Thankfully Lynnae Insurance Group has greatly simplified the process! After receiving your Oklahoma insurance quote, simply give us the go-ahead and we will take care of the rest. We handle everything from contacting your mortgage company to cancelling your current policy. All you have to do, is sit back and enjoy the savings!

VIP Phone Line

Exceptional service you deserve

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VIP Phone Line

With many Oklahoma insurance companies, the moment you become a client, the chase is over. It seems you start working with a different company that is no longer trying to impress. Not true with Lynnae Insurance Group. As you will see, we strive to impress you in every turn, and it starts with the VIP Phone Line. Once you become a client of Lynnae Insurance Group, you will receive access to our VIP phone line. Not only does this Line get priority over other types of calls, but it also guarantees that you will receive the exceptional service you deserve.

Lower Deductible

Yes, we can offer a flat $1,000 deductible!

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Lower Deductible Options

High deductibles such as 1% or $2,000 have become the norm for many insurance companies in Oklahoma. As a client of ANPAC, you still have the option to elect a flat $1,000 deductible to help reduce your cost at the time of a claim. With the frequency of hail storms in Oklahoma, this benefit could save you thousands of dollars.

QR Code Promotions

Havin’ a little fun!

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QR Code Promotions

When you become a client of Lynnae Insurance Group, your will receive a QR code on the back of your VIP card.  The QR code is small, but it packs a big punch! Keeping the card close by will allow you to take advantage of promotional offers, and quarterly drawings that are sure to impress!